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    How to slow life down with your kids and get back to the basics

    Our modern life is fast.  We lead busy lives, and we seem to wear that sort of life like a badge of honor.  We are all permanently connected.  Whether it be to our social media pages or the dinging of our phones that alert us to incoming emails.  We can do our banking while we are at lunch, our social media while at dinner.  Due to the devices that all of us carry, there is an expectation of immediacy in everything that we do.  It seems that we are so busy, that we sometimes forget about how simple life can be.

    Our kids can grow up so fast.  As a parent, it can be difficult to remember how simple life can be.  The trick is to slow things down and to help our kids enjoy a better life.  If we move at a slower pace we tend to appreciate more of what is around us.   Following are seven easy ways to slow life down with your kids and get back to the basics as a family.

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    Save Your Sanity with These Shopping Tips

    The other day I needed to go shopping during the day without my husband. I didn’t want to go, but I needed to get food by that evening and I wouldn’t have time after he got home. So I packed up the boys and threw them in the car. I drove to a big box grocery store and piled my children into the car and it got me thinking. Some parents are terrified to go to the grocery store with their children because they don’t have a method to the madness.

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    I remember when I told somebody that I went grocery shopping with my kids and they were in complete awe that I even left the house with the kids. I have two children 16 months apart and the oldest isn’t quite three, so they are a handful sometimes. However, that doesn’t mean that I stay inside! I certainly know some tricks and tips to help with the grocery shopping trip. If you follow these you will have a most pleasant trip.

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    Americans Need To Stop Spanking Their Children

    Americans Need To Stop Spanking Their Children

    Research and studies have shown time and time again that spanking children can lead to lifelong problems. It has been proven that the more a child is spanked, the more likely they are to have behavior problems. Some of these behavior problems include, increased anti-asocial behavior (lying, cheating, stealing), aggression, mental health problems (depression, OCD, anxiety) and cognitive difficulties (increased learning disabilities). Even with all of the research, parents are still spanking their children and often times with objects more than their hands.

    Traumatsed Child
    source Dailymail.co.uk

    How is spanking defined?

    Spanking has been defined as “physically non-injurious, intended to modify behavior, and administered with the open hand to the extremities or buttocks.” This definition does not include the use of foreign objects that parents may use to discipline their children (hairbrushes, brushes, paddles, wood spoon etc.). Using foreign objects as a form of spanking will increase the effects of spanking.

    Is spanking illegal?

    Is spanking Illegal?
    from Today.com

    There are hundreds of studies showing that spanking can lead to traumatic effects, but is it illegal? In many European countries spanking is completely banned and is considered a criminal act. The United Nations Convention has outlawed any physical discipline even within the confines of the family. However, many Americans (even with all of the research) still think that spanking is a good way to discipline their children.

    Americans still like to spank their children

    Currently, all 50 states give their residents the right to spank their children. The courts have decided that parents have the right to raise the children the way that they think they should. This includes the way that they would like to discipline their children. Although they allow to discipline their child, it must be done in moderation and cannot cause injury.

    Many states have more specific laws with child corporal punishment to protect children further. For example, California has a law against child abuse and will punish anyone who “willfully inflicts upon a child any cruel or inhuman corporal punishment or an injury resulting in a traumatic condition.”

    Studies and Research

    Studies have proven that spanking is not good for the emotional health of children. A study published in the Journal of Family Psychology looks at five decades of research involving over 160,000 children. This research is the most complete analysis that has ever been done of the outcomes associated with spanking and the effects of spanking. The study found that spanking was “associated with unintended detrimental outcomes and was not associated with more immediate or long-term compliance, which are parents’ intended outcome when they discipline their children.” In other words, spanking doesn’t work for the purpose that the parents intend (discipline and compliance).

    Spanking Gives Negative Results

    Spanking Gives Negative Results
    from activistpost.com

    Another famous study was created by Gershoff and Andrew Grogan-Kaylor. They found that spanking has a significant link with 13 of the 17 outcomes that were examine, all in direction of detrimental outcomes. Grogan-Kaylor said:

    The upshot of the study is that spanking increases the likelihood of wide variety of undesired outcomes for children. Spanking thus does the opposite of what parents usually want it to do.

    So, parents are spanking their children to become better people, but it actually increases their chances to be more anti-social and unaccepted by their behavior in society.

    Gershoff and Grogan-Kaylor tested some of the long-term effects of some adults who were spanked when they were young. The studies proved that the more they were spanked, the more likely they were to show anti-social behavior and actually have more of a chance to deal with mental health problems as they get older. The adults who were spanked as children are more likely to spank their children, which causes the act of spanking to be passed from generation to generation.

    Should you spank your child?

    Studies have shown time and time again that spanking is bad for children and can create emotionally weak and anti-social adults. So, why are parents still spanking their children? Quite a bit of adults were spanked as children and they assume that it worked for them and so it will work for their children as well.

    Should you spank your children?
    from thestar.com

    Parents believe that by using physical punishment they will give a negative emotion to whatever action the child was doing and the child will not want to do that action anymore. However, what parents don’t understand is that spanking is doing the complete opposite of what their intentions are.

    Stop spanking your child! It’s easy as that.

    Don’t let your anger take over your emotions. Think about positive alternatives to spanking such as positive reinforcement, set a better example for them so they know how to behave, give them logical consequences, give choices instead of just saying “no”, or have the child make up their negative behavior. There are so many other options besides hitting that lead to positive effects and create healthier adults.

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    The Deathly Dangers of Blind Cords

    They are in all of our homes. They are something we see every single day and something we may even use every day. They are things we never consider to be dangerous and yet they have killed over 800 children! So, what are these dangers? This danger in our home is blind cords?

    fromn nbcnews.com

    How are blind cords so dangerous?

    The typical victim of blind cords are toddlers around 3 years and younger. These toddlers get too close to the blind cords and somehow they get tangled up in the cords and they end up having the cords wrapped around their neck. At this point the toddlers are not strong enough to get themselves off of the blind cords and sometimes they are too short to be able to avoid being strangled. Parents usually find their children hanging from their necks on the blinds, which would be the most horrific sight a parent could ever see!

    from youtube.com
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    11 Amazing Parents Dancing With Their Kids

    The world is filled with amazing parents that know how to let go of their inhibitions and teach their kids the true definition of cool.  Luckily, the internet provides us with insight into just how they do it!

    Here is a list of 11 parents being absolutely awesome with their kids.

    11. This Dad & Daughter Dancing to Justin Timberlake

    This dad & daughter combo regularly make the most adorable videos

    10. The Cohen Family

    From what we can see on their Youtube channel, the Cohen family

    9. Gemma Marin and Her Husband

    Although the baby isn’t born yet, technically they ARE dancing with their child. Gemma Marin is and Daddy Duffus prove that they have latin soul flowing through their veins. That kid is going to grow up in one VERY special environment.

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    How your divorce affects your kids

    Parents involved in the process of divorce can sometimes forget what toll such separation takes on their children. Should I say forget or disregard? I think disregard seems more like the word to use because parents do notice changes in the behavior of their children, but often feel these effects are of no immediate consequence.

    Reports have it that whether you have a collaborative divorce or you have a mediation divorce, the impact gets no easier on them. So, here are the questions; what exactly does your divorce do to your kids and how can you mitigate these unwanted effects while you go through with it? Let’s find out, take a seat!

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    The 10 Hardest Things about Parenting

    Seeing your kid struggle and deliberately not step in to help fix could be one of the most difficult thing you would experience as a parent, despite the fact that you knew that was the best way to build him. Also, in all actuality, from the earliest starting point, being a parent is the balance between taking care of your children and at the same time giving them a chance to grow up and gain from their oversights.

    Your part of basically cherishing and shielding your kid from torment and distress changes to one of tolerating that your youngster should experience consequences for whatever he or she pushes ahead. The critical stage for parents and kids is that these results of their actions quite often incorporate some disappointment, pain or discomfort. Alongside the good part, the rundown of hard things we confront as parents is quite long, but below are the 10 hardest of the challenges.

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    13 Ways To Make Bedtime Easier For Your Kids

    Being a parent, you know what you are facing every night: ensuring your children go to bed – and remain there. It is difficult, yet it’s a standout amongst the most vital things they are to benefit from you as their parents. At the point when kids don’t sleep well, to control their emotions would be very hard. They might be hyper or irritable, which is unpleasant for anybody.

    Despite the fact that it is difficult, it’s critical to do whatever you can to assist your kid in sleeping better and thereby improving her functionality. Standard routine and bedtime customs assume a major part in helping children get good sleep and perform excellently. When you are fond of maintaining good sleeping habits, it enables your kid to sleep on time, sleep well and wake up refreshed and rested. Here are 13 ways to begin with.

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    10 Ways your Life changes when you become a parent

    Everybody claims that your life transforms once you become a parent. It is like watching your heart walk outside of your body. There comes a different perspective on things, people, and places. The world suddenly turns into a scarier and terrible place. On the surface, there are obvious changes like new timetable, less sleep, and more responsibility but on the inside, you are evolving into a butterfly from a caterpillar.

    People say things like, “Say adieu to your social life” or ” learn to function with 2 hours of sleep” once you become a parent. There is truth in their advice but what nobody talks about is the positive impact of a child in your life. There is a joy that only a toddler can bring into our lives. There is a bright side to the sociological and psychological changes you go through after becoming a parent. Read on to learn ten ways your life changes when you become a parent;

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